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Ani-Union Actions
Nov 16, 2021

Our Local Union is now in the fight of our lives and survival, as we continue to work without a contract from September 30, 2019 when it expired. Our two contracts with Barnard College was expired on the date above (09/30/2019). Our members were unable to meet, resulting from the Employer Barnard College's action of firing the President. This resulted from him representing a terminated employee at a Step-C grievance meeting on 11/14/17.  He informed the Hearing Officer (a member of the Human resources staff) that he was unconfortable to proceed, and when pushed to answer by the Hearing Officer to give the reason, he stated, the reason, which was asked. Barnard then used this as a means to fire him. They, then proceed to formulate a message that by stating the reason which made him to be uncomfortable he violated their policy of harassment.  The College then banned him from the campus, notwithstanding that such an action is prohibited by the contract. All this was executed, then Barnard College now attempted to change term and conditions that requires bargaining concerning the holding of Union meetings and began to force the Union to make other significant changes without following contractually required procedures. The Union rejected these forced and unilaterial changes.

Upon Covid-19 pandemic capturing our sociaty, the College again attempted to change terms and condition by trying to force the Union to use a method of Zoom to hold Union meetings ( the Union rejected this).

The Union President was reinstated after a long legal battle, which the College challege from Arbitration to the Second Ciurcuit court of appeal. Only after a favourable decision from the Appeals Court did Barnard relent and executed the reinstatement on 4/28/2020. Since then, Barnard has used Covid-19 to violate the contract and prevent the Union members from meeting to formulate their plans to re-negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). This prolong anti-Union behavior has been going on and orcastrated by the College Executive Vice President of Legal Affairs Ms. Jamysha Stephen. 

More to come:

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