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Welcome to TWU Local 264

This is as an introduction to our union.  Local 264 (TWU) Transport Workers Union of America AFL-CIO is the labor Union that represent the workers who are employed by Barnard College and ARAMARK Corporation.  The following is a summary of our union and information about its leadership.

Local 264 is presently consist of four (4) divisions.  

  • The Facilities Housekeeping Division (FHD)
  • The Facilities Maintenance Division (FMD)
  • The Safety and Security Division (SSD) and
  • The Food Service Division (FSD). 

Barnard College is the direct employer of members in the SSD, FHD & FMD.  ARAMARK Corporation is the employer of members in the Food Service Division (FSD).  This corporation is an outside contractor for Barnard College.  The divisions are under the supervision and responsibility of three departments within the College. 

  • The Facilities Services Department is responsible for the Facilities Housekeeping Division (FHD)  and the Facilities Maintenance Division (FMD)
  • The Public Safety Department is responsible for Safety and Security Division (SSD)
  • The Dining Services Department is responsible for the Food Service Division.

Currently the Executive Board has appointed an Administrator over the local for the purpose of Directing and overseeing the affairs of the Local, he is now also the President.

The chief Executive Officer of the union is the President who is subject to the direction of the Executive Board and the Membership.  The policy-making body of Local 264 (whenever the membership is not convened) is the Local Executive Board (LEB) or Executive Board or E-Board for short.  The E-Board consists of the following elected officers:

  • Orton Reynolds (President/ Administrator)
  • David Pedrosa (Executive Vice President)
  • Rafael Vicioso (Financial Secretary Treasurer)
  • Joseph Ford III (Recording Secretary)
  • Kenneth Nicholas (Vice President)
  • Jeannette Darby (Vice President)
  • Miguel Vergara (Vice President)

Union Representatives or (Shop stewards) (appointed officers) are:

  • Lester Jiggetts             Union Representative
  • Omar Wright               Union Representative
  • David Mararro            Union Representative
  • Elaine Wright              Union Representative

The Elected Officers (LEB members) along with the appointed officers comprise the Local Executive Committee (LEC).  We also have support staff, they are as follows:

  • Support Staff              Alex Ramirez             IT Director & website coordinator

Newly hired employees, are required to join the Union or accept a non-membership status as required under CWA vs. Beck, this will be after the first (30) thirty days of their date of employment or in the event such an employee is a Temporary employee, it will be (30) thirty days that they have actually worked in the employment.  It is important that his/her date of hire (DOH) is properly recorded, this information will become extremely relevant regarding pay increase, benefits and other job related issues in the future.  Upon completion of the thirty days, the employee is required to contact any of the Representatives named above for initiation to become a Union member or non-member.

I urge you to surf our website for more information about our union and do not hesitate to contact us on any information you require about the great history of our labor movement and our local.

On October 7, 1947 the founding President of the Transport Workers Union of America Michael J. Quill and Secretary-Treasurer Douglas L. MacMahon under their signatures issued a charter to a number of workers at the institution of Barnard College. These members, who were all Building Tradesmen, petitioned the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to form a union.

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Transport Worker Union Local 264
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